SR 32 Improvements, Eastgate Area Overview

In the Eastgate area, SR 32 is a key connector between businesses, shopping and residential neighborhoods.  This area is experiencing significant growth. The Eastern Corridor Program includes multiple projects to ensure it is well-positioned to support the activity that already exists here and can efficiently accommodate the growth yet to come.

The Eastern Corridor’s Eastgate Area improvement projects focus on making travel easier and safer along SR 32, from the I-275 Interchange to Olive Branch-Stonelick Road. Goals are to better accommodate increasing traffic levels, reduce congestion and travel delays and improve access and safety for drivers.

General information about current projects is listed below, and you can visit the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District website,, for more details about project updates, timing, cost and benefits.

Projects include:


SR 32 Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia

SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia map. Click on map to enlarge.

SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia

The SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia project was developed to better support increasing levels of traffic, reduce congestion and improve roadway safety along this stretch of SR 32.

In September 2014, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) identified a preferred alternative (Alternative 4) following a comprehensive alternative evaluation process that considered multiple options. The evaluation process included preliminary engineering, environmental studies, extensive coordination with the Clermont County Engineer’s Office, and three public involvement meetings. Selection factors considered how well the various alternatives met project goals, functionality, potential impacts, construction costs and input from area residents and businesses.

Elements of the preferred alternative include:

    • Widening SR 32 by adding a travel lane in each direction
    • Removing traffic signals and closing local access between Eastgate Boulevard and Olive Branch-Stonelick Road
    • Providing a new westbound exit from SR 32 to Glen Este-Withamsville Road and an eastbound exit to Clepper Lane
    • Constructing a new bridge to allow Glen Este-Withamsville Road to travel over SR 32
    • Extending Clepper Lane east to Bach Buxton
    • Constructing a new interchange near Elick Lane/Bach Buxton Road which includes a bridge over SR 32
    • Constructing a new bridge to allow Old SR 74 to travel over SR 32
    • Making additional local roadway network improvements to better connect Old SR 74, Glen Este-Withamsville Road and Clepper Lane with SR 32


Click here to view a map of the project area.


Additional work taking place in the Eastgate area is either complete or nearly complete:

Completed: Eastgate North Frontage Road
Completed: Reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over SR 32
Nearly complete: I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements

The construction of each of these projects built upon the next. The improvements completed along the Eastgate North Frontage Road (Eastgate North Drive) led to the completion of the Reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over SR 32, which set the stage for the work completed as part of the I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements project.

Eastgate North Frontage Rd.

Eastgate North Frontage Road Project. Click on map to enlarge.


Completed: Eastgate North Frontage Road

Completed in late 2013, the Eastgate North Frontage Road (also known as Eastgate North Drive) project was approximately 3,200 feet in length. It included realigning and widening lanes to allow traffic to move along the road and through the Eastgate Boulevard intersection more efficiently. Adjustments to signal timing were made to accommodate new lane movements. The project involved improved access to and from SR 32 and Eastgate Boulevard, particularly for traffic moving through the Eastgate retail hub.








Completed: Reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over SR 32 

Eastgate Boulevard Reconstruction Project. Click on map to enlarge.

Approximately one-third mile in length, this project involved reconstructing and widening the Eastgate Boulevard structure over SR 32, relocating the existing westbound entrance and exit ramps from SR 32 to Eastgate North Frontage Road (also referred to as the Eastgate North Drive) instead of Eastgate Boulevard, and reconstructing the westbound loop ramp from Eastgate Boulevard to SR 32. Moving ramp traffic from Eastgate Boulevard to Eastgate North Drive eliminated the existing ramp intersection along Eastgate Boulevard and now provides improved levels of service along the Boulevard.










Dec2014I-275_SR32Interchange (1)

I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements. Click on map to enlarge.

Completed: I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements 

Interchange improvements represent the most significant change to traffic patterns in the Eastgate area. Work is now complete to address a variety of problems associated with the existing I-275/SR-32 and Eastgate Boulevard interchanges. These included high accident rates, increasing traffic and congestion, and inappropriately spaced access points that require motorists to merge quickly and weave in between accelerating traffic. Improvements to the I-275/SR32 Interchange included:

      • Widening portions of SR 32 from Old SR 74 to Eastgate Square Drive
      • Constructing new ramps to provide new access to SR 32 from I-275
      • Improving safety by increasing the spacing distance between on and off ramps

Also, new ramps and structures under I-275 will facilitate construction of the Aicholtz Road connector project being completed by the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District.