Program Benefits

The Eastern Corridor Program has been developed through extensive economic development, land use visioning and environmental impact studies which were conducted in close collaboration with the Eastern Corridor communities. Program projects are:

  • Easing travel through the region and facilitate economic growth and development
  • Establishing safer and more efficient travel connections
  • Providing additional non-car travel options within the Corridor
  • Reducing congestion, travel times and daily wear on local roadways and highways
  • Supporting the land use, economic development and environmental stewardship visions developed in concert with Eastern Corridor communities

In addition, the Eastern Corridor transportation improvements are:

  • Linking Eastern Corridor communities with key employment, economic and social centers more effectively
  • Incorporating the use of existing transportation corridors as much as possible
  • Considering parallel corridors for multiple transportation modes (such as roadway, rail transit and bikeways) when possible
  • Establishing more effective roadway links that will improve bus route efficiency