Oasis Rail Transit Overview

Offering a new transportation alternative to the Greater Cincinnati region, Oasis Rail Transit is a proposed commuter rail line that would transport residents, workers, and visitors between downtown Cincinnati and the communities extending east through Hamilton County and into western Clermont County.

The proposed Oasis line would be supportive of transit, bicycle, and walking-based travel and reduce reliance on cars as a primary mode of local transportation. It would also help stimulate community enhancement, revitalization, and economic growth opportunities through on-going service and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). TODs are walkable, mixed-use community spaces that typically include office, retail, residential, and social gathering amenities.

The proposed Oasis Rail Transit corridor extends roughly 17 miles between downtown’s Riverfront Transit Center and I-275 in Milford. Much of its alignment would use publicly-owned rail right-of-way and could share existing freight tracks. In other places, new tracks would be built to complete the necessary connections.

For planning purposes, the Oasis line has been divided into four segments:

Segment 1:  Riverfront Transit Center to the Boathouse (1 mile)
Segment 2:  Boathouse to US 50 near the Red Bank/Fairfax area (7 miles)
Segment 3:  US 50 near the Red Bank/Fairfax area to the ANCOR area, slightly northeast of Newtown (4 miles)
Segment 4:  ANCOR area to Milford (5 miles)



A series of preliminary planning studies have been completed to determine the scope and feasibility of the proposed Oasis Rail Transit project and to provide decision-makers with the information they need to determine whether or not the project should be advanced for further development. Based on study results, it was concluded that the project is worthy of advancing for a more detailed analysis. However, a local project sponsor and funding are needed for the project to move to the next stage of development. Neither has been identified at this time. If and when the region decides to move forward with the Oasis rail concept, these preliminary studies will provide a springboard from which the project can advance.



Click here to review documents and reports prepared related to preliminary planning and development for Oasis.



Public involvement has played a critical role in the planning and development of Eastern Corridor projects. Click here to learn more about public involvement activities pertaining to Oasis.



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