Oasis Rail Stations


TOD Rendering with Train
A Station Area concept (not specific to the Oasis line)

Transit stations for the Oasis rail line are more than just stops along the way. They provide valuable opportunities for community enhancement and development. The stations can be designed to reflect the visions of the communities in which the stations are located, support opportunities for growth, and incorporate features desired by the community.  Transit-Oriented Developments that often follow in the wake of station creation can be a catalyst for:

  • Reinforcing and enhancing traditional neighborhoods and towns
  • Revitalizing and/or re-developing by-passed and under-utilized properties
  • Redefining growth patterns to create walkable, mixed-use community spaces

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As part of recent study efforts, the Planning Team evaluated 10 station locations originally proposed for the rail line in the 2006 Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). Based on the results obtained, seven stations were recommended for initial development:

  • Riverfront Transit Center (Downtown Cincinnati)
  • Boathouse (East Riverfront, in the Adams Crossing area)
  • Columbia Tusculum (at Columbia Parkway and Delta Avenue)
  • Fairfax/Red Bank area
  • Newtown Area
  • Ancor/Broadwell Road Area (slightly northeast of Newtown)
  • Milford (near the I-275/US 50 interchange)

The Boathouse station would be used for special event service only. Future development of the remaining three proposed stations [East End area (near Torrence Parkway), Lunken Airport (along Wilmer Avenue), and Beechmont Avenue (near Wooster Pike)] would be reserved pending ridership demand and available funding.