Red Bank Corridor (Segment I) Overview

Eastern Corridor Segment I, the Red Bank Corridor, extends roughly between the I-71 ramp in Madisonville and US 50/ColumbiaParkway in Fairfax. Its primary road, Red Bank Expressway, is one of the only north-south thoroughfares east of I-71, and the local roadway network supports multiple areas that are experiencing a resurgence of development and growth.

The goal for improvements along the Red Bank Corridor is to create a balance of mobility and access that better serves local communities, businesses, and neighborhoods and improve travel along this important community connector. Objectives include:

  • Improve accessibility, safety, and flow of traffic
  • Reduce existing congestion and delays along Red Bank Expressway, particularly at major intersections with Madison, Duck Creek, and Brotherton roads
  • Re-establish and enhance local roadway network connections to address local transportation needs and provide additional opportunities for congestion management
  • Address bicyclist and pedestrian needs



Using information gained through a comprehensive study and public engagement, ODOT developed a series of recommended improvements for the Red Bank Corridor. These are outlined in the Red Bank Corridor’s Preferred Alternative Implementation Plan (December 2013).

The plan’s recommendations have been separated into five distinct components focused on different areas along the corridor, overall improvements to the Red Bank Expressway mainline, and improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians. At this time, preliminary engineering and planning have been completed for Component 1: Reconstruct Old Red Bank Road; Component 2: Reconstruct Hetzel Street from Red Bank Expressway to Old Red Bank Road; and Component 3: Extend Babson Place to Red Bank Expressway. Additionally, construction has been completed for Component 5: Extend Duck Creek Road to Madison Road. The remaining recommendations have been released to the City of Cincinnati for final review, funding, and implementation.

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