Current Study Efforts

The Eastern Corridor Program, as outlined in the Tier 1 EIS and ROD, is undergoing Tier 2 study analysis.  In Tier 2, recommendations made in Tier 1 are examined in much more detail and evaluated for impact, function, context, constructability and affordability.  Preliminary alternatives will be narrowed and refined, and Tier 2 studies will conclude by identifying preferred alternatives for each of the following four core projects to eventually undergo detailed design and construction:

    • Red Bank Corridor (Segment I) – Consists of roadway capacity, mobility and access improvements along the Red Bank corridor between I-71 and US 50 in Fairfax.
    • Eastgate Area to Batavia (Segments IV and IVa) – Consists of roadway capacity improvements on SR 32 from Bells Lane to Olive Branch Stonelick Road in Clermont County and includes improvements to the I-275/SR 32 and Eastgate Boulevard interchanges.
    • Oasis Rail Transit – New rail transit extending from the existing Riverfront Transit Center located along the downtown Cincinnati riverfront to the City of Milford in Clermont County. A portion of the rail line will share a transit corridor with the relocated SR 32.

These four core projects are being developed through separate – but closely coordinated – Tier 2 NEPA studies, consistent with the goals established in Tier 1 for integrating local land use, economic development and environmental stewardship visions.

Tier 2 work involves refining alternatives, performing more detailed environmental and engineering studies, and preparing final NEPA documentation that identifies a preferred alternative for each of these projects. This work is being coordinated with other parts of the Eastern Corridor being developed at the local level, including expanded bus transit, bikeways and local roadway network improvements. Through this coordinated Program approach, the various components of the Eastern Corridor will be brought on line incrementally as part of a long-term public and private investment framework.