Project Status

People riding trainThe Oasis Rail Transit project has undergone a series of preliminary planning studies to better determine the scope and feasibility of the project. With the completion of these assessments, the project has received the most extensive study and feasibility review of all rail lines envisioned for the Greater Cincinnati regional rail network.

Administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), these studies focused on gathering the information and data needed to help make decisions on whether or not to advance the project for further development. Information contained within study documents includes:

  • A preliminary conceptual operations plan (hours of operation, frequency of trains, number of stops, etc.)
  • An assessment of current corridor conditions
  • An evaluation of proposed station locations and recommendations of which ones should be initially built
  • Updated ridership estimates using the FTA travel forecasting model
  • An evaluation of rail alignment options and identification of locally-preferred alternatives
  • An analysis of the types of trains available to be used on the rail line (the study confirms that self-propelled diesel-powered passenger rail cars, or DMUs, are best suited to the Oasis line)
  • Options for connecting the rail line with the bus transit system and planned and proposed bicycle routes
  • Planning level estimates for capital and Operations & Maintenance costs
  • A summary of financing needs and possible funding strategies


An overall assessment of options for the Oasis Rail Transit line indicate that the project is worthy of advancing for more detailed analysis.

Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funding will be necessary to advance the project.  In order to pursue this funding, local and regional leaders will need to:

  • Identify a project sponsor
  • Secure funding to complete the FTA Project Development phase
  • Prepare and submit an application to the FTA to enter the Project Development process

Local and regional leaders are currently reviewing this information and considering the best options for how to proceed.

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