Red Bank to I-275/SR 32 Status

The 2019 Conceptual Alternatives Implementation Plan outlines 68 recommended transportation projects developed for Segments II and III. The Plan provides direction for moving each project forward, and identifies potential project sponsors and funding sources.

Local municipalities and communities, as well as Hamilton County, OKI, and ODOT, are now using the Implementation Plan to help guide transportation planning within the central Eastern Corridor area (Segments II and III). The majority of improvements recommended will be led by local communities and government organizations. Most will be implemented as separate projects and will be constructed as they are approved and funding is secured. If requested, ODOT will be able to provide planning and construction assistance for projects or portions of projects that fall within its jurisdiction.

Below is information about projects that have thus far been advanced for further planning and development.


Columbia Connector Trail Extension
(Village of Mariemont/Columbia Township)

Great Parks of Hamilton County (Great Parks), Columbia Township, and the Village of Mariemont, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), are proposing to complete a shared-use path, the Columbia Connector trail, to link the existing Little Miami Scenic Trail (LMST) to the future Mariemont Connector trail at Pocahontas Avenue.  

ODOT hosted a virtual Open House between Oct. 19, 2022 and Dec. 2, 2022, and an in-person Open House on Nov. 3, 2022, to share information about the proposed trail extensions with the public and to gather public input.

A Feasibility Study was completed in January 2023 and can be viewed on the Red Bank to I-275/SR 32 Project Documents page.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements in the Beechmont Levee Area
(Anderson Twp. and Mt. Washington)

ODOT, in coordination with Anderson Township and the City of Cincinnati, has developed plans to make it easier and safer for bicyclists and pedestrians on the east side of the Beechmont Levee [Beechmont Avenue (SR 125)] to travel between the regional trail network and nearby neighborhoods. Proposed project elements include:

  • Connecting nearby residential areas with the Little Miami Scenic Trail bridge project and regional shared-use trail system; 
  • Providing a dedicated bike/pedestrian path on the south side of SR 125/Beechmont Avenue between Elstun Road and Ranchvale Drive
  • Providing a sidewalk or shared-use path along Elstun Road to safely connect residents with bus stops on SR 125/Beechmont Avenue 

ODOT hosted a Virtual Open House between Sept. 12, 2021 and October 26, 2021 for the public to review the project and provide feedback.

A Feasibility Study was completed in December, 2021, and can be viewed on the Red Bank to I-275/SR 32 Project Documents page.

Construction of Phase 1 (Elstun Road, from Beechmont Avenue/SR 125 to Spindlehill Drive) will begin in Spring 2023. Construction of Phase 2 (Spindlehill Drive to the Little Miami Scenic Trail) will begin in Spring 2024.

SR 32 and Eight Mile Intersection Improvements

ODOT has advanced planning for improvements to the SR 32 and Eight Mile Road intersection in Anderson Township. This project is designed to address safety issues caused by vehicles turning between SR 32 and Eight Mile Road. Planned improvements include:

  • Adding a traffic signal to manage traffic flow and control left-hand turns from a protected turn lane on westbound SR 32 to Eight Mile Road
  • Adding a dedicated through-lane on SR 32 that will allow westbound traffic to flow continuously through the SR 32 and Eight Mile Road intersection, bypassing the signal.
  • Grade improvements
  • Repair of a landslide on SR 32, east of the intersection

A Virtual Open House was held from February 7, 2012 – March 15, 2021 to share additional information about the project and what to expect during construction with the community.

A Feasibility Study was completed in September, 2020, and can be viewed on the Red Bank to I-275/SR 32 Project Documents page. Construction of the project began in the Fall of 2022.

SR 32 Improvements in the Village of Newtown

ODOT is currently completing a feasibility study for multiple transportation improvements along SR 32 to ease congestion and make travel within the Village of Newtown easier and safer. The initial concepts for these improvements grew out of an extensive effort conducted in close coordination with community representatives, planners and interest groups to identify and prioritize transportation needs and proposed solutions. The proposed improvements include:

  • Modifying the SR 32/Round Bottom Road and SR 32/Little Dry Run Road intersections to make turning easier and better separate turning vehicles from the path of through traffic
  • Adding a second eastbound lane on SR 32 between Round Bottom Road and Little Dry Run Road
  • Adding a center turn lane on SR 32, east of Little Dry Run Road
  • Expanding shared-use path options along SR 32 to provide safe travel alternatives for walkers, runners, and bicyclists and to provide an improved connection towards the Little Miami Trail via existing sidewalks along Valley Avenue

These projects were included in the 2019 Conceptual Alternatives Implementation Plan prepared for Eastern Corridor Segments II and III and were identified as high priorities due to existing congestion and safety concerns.

As part of the feasibility study process, ODOT sought input through a Virtual Open House focused on the proposed roadway improvements and gathered community preferences regarding the shared-use path options. The Virtual Open House was held between February 17 and March 22, 2021.