TSM Projects

In addition to the Eastern Corridor’s four core projects, more than 180 smaller-scale roadway
 network improvements were identified as part of Tier 1 planning efforts to further improve access, roadway connections and travel safety throughout the region.


The Kennedy Connector

Known as Transportation System Management (TSM) projects, these efforts are aimed at enhancing the efficiency, capacity and service quality of the existing transportation network using low capital – or low-build – measures. The projects include traffic signal timing modifications, intersection improvements, minor improvements to existing roads, new park and ride facilities, development of new bike trail/multi-purpose facilities and expansion of the ARTIMIS system.

To date, nearly 70 percent of these TSM projects have been completed, are under construction or are undergoing active planning. Multiple projects are waiting for funding to become available or are being planned as future projects. Others have been incorporated into the core Eastern Corridor projects and several are no longer being pursued due to a lack of anticipated benefit or because other projects have addressed the need.

To see the TSM Project List and a status update for each project, click here.

The Eastern Corridor TSM projects were identified based on input from the Hamilton County Engineer, Anderson Township, Clermont County Engineer, OKI, Ohio Department of Transportation, SORTA/METRO, City of Cincinnati, City of Norwood, Villages of Fairfax, Mariemont, Newtown and Terrace Park, Columbia Township, City of Milford, the Villages of Amelia and Batavia and Miami, Union, and Pierce Townships. More information can be found in the Eastern Corridor Multi-Modal Projects’ Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement.