Program Documents

1999 MIS- Major Investment Study (4mb file)
Eastern Corridor Major Investment Study (MIS): Led by the Ohio‐Kentucky‐Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI), the MIS evaluated preliminary options for addressing regional transportation problems and determined that the most effective solution for the Eastern Corridor needed to: encompass a multi‐modal approach; support economic goals; balance impacts with environmental protection; and consider land use. The MIS recommended plan (concepts and general corridor proximities) included the need for a new transportation corridor crossing of the Little Miami River and was used to establish the Eastern Corridor study area for Tier 1 NEPA analyses. MIS recommendations were adopted by OKI in April 2000 and are incorporated into the region’s long-range transportation plan.

2002 Land Use Vision Plan (9.8mb file)
Eastern Corridor Land Use Vision Plan (LUVP): Completed in 2002 following recommendation of the MIS, the LUVP identified a desired future land use scenario for the Eastern Corridor based on input from local jurisdictions, environmental groups, business leaders, public agencies, and citizen planners. The LUVP was incorporated into local land use, zoning, and development decisions and is being used as a framework to develop alternatives for the Eastern Corridor (See Appendix B1).

2005 Green Infrastructure Concept Master Plan (GIP) (37mb file)
The 2005 GIP developed and presented a green infrastructure framework, initially focused on the Little Miami River valley, for the Eastern Corridor. This local planning effort identified community and resource priorities, as well as ecological and cultural resource mitigation and preservation opportunities in the area. The GIP will continue to be developed during Tier 2 to help refine alternatives for the SR 32 Relocation project and develop detailed mitigation options.

2004 Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) (44mb file)
2005 Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) (23mb file)
2006 Tier 1 Record of Decision (910kb file)
The above Tier 1 study documents established the purpose and need for the Eastern Corridor projects, evaluated preliminary broad corridors and identified a conservative range of impacts for a program of recommended multi‐modal improvements. The Tier 1 Record of Decision established logical termini for major transportation investments to be carried forward into Tier 2 detailed evaluation, and identified a program‐level implementation strategy where the intent is for proposed improvements to be constructed incrementally over time.


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