Red Bank to I-275/SR 32 (Segments II and III) Overview

Eastern Corridor Segments II and III are located at the center of the Eastern Corridor region. Together, they extend between the Red Bank Corridor (Segment I) and the I-275/SR 32 interchange in the Eastgate Area of Clermont County (Segment IV) and encompass the roads in between, including US 50/Wooster Pike, SR 125/Beechmont Levee and SR 32.

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Previous recommendations for transportation improvements through this area (as outlined in the Tier 1 Record of Decision) focused on shifting the western end of SR 32 from where it currently meets SR 125 (Beechmont Avenue) to a new, direct connection with US 50 (Columbia Parkway) and the Red Bank corridor. After completing in-depth studies to better define the proposed project, identify possible new alignments, related environmental and cultural impacts, and gather public input, ODOT determined that relocating the roadway through the Little Miami River valley is not a feasible option at this time due to potentially significant environmental impacts and construction costs.

Instead of considering a single large-scale transformative project, planners are now looking at what can be accomplished by making a series of lower-impact improvements to the existing network that will balance transportation needs with community values and available resources.

In 2016, ODOT launched an effort to re-examine and reprioritize transportation needs within the Segments II and III study area. The initial phase of work focused on defining improvements needed and the results are presented in the Eastern Corridor Segments II and III Transportation Needs Analysis Report, July 2017 – Final.

Currently, ODOT is working with local community representatives and planners to develop solutions to the needs identified in the Transportation Needs Analysis report. Recommendations stemming from these efforts will be shared for public review and comment before they are finalized. It is anticipated that recommended improvements will be completed as separate projects and construction timing will depend on when individual projects are approved and funding is received.

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